Update on lower shipping costs and lower prices!

Lower shipping costs and lower prices!

Today I am glad to bring you the great news of managing to get lower prices on the shipping costs to ALL countries! Where you first had to pay 10,75 euro’s to get your package to Germany you now only have to pay 5,00 euro’s to get it HOME DELIVERED! You can now also choose to pick it up at a pickup parcel shop of your own choice which costs only 3.75 euros to Germany!

All other countries have got their shipping costs reduces to with a minimum reduction of 3,50 euro’s! I hope these changes affect your choice in a positive way and you decide to buy from DutchChems! 🙂

Besides shipping costs getting lowered we also lowered standard prices on all our products! One kilogram of kaliumnitrat (potassium nitrate) now only costs 16,99 euro’s! 2,5 kilograms only costs 26,99 euro’s and 5,0 kilograms only costs 49,49 euro’s! We are now officially the cheapest provider of potassium nitrate a.k.a. kaliumnitrat that offers you this quality of product for this price!

Further improvements and more news

If you have any further improvements for the website always feel free to contact us. We appreciate feedback and will try to improve our services. You can also send us your complains or thoughts about prices/quantities.

Soon there will be a big update of (spoiler alert) our upcoming website www.dutchchems.com. We will write and mail you about it when the work on it has started. This website will contain a whole arsenal of raw materials and chemicals for you to order. If you have ideas or suggestions about which chemicals we should offer, you should fill in our contact form. Our contact form is located at: https://www.kno3.eu/contact/.

Thank you for taking the time to read this update! Have a great day and always feel free to contact us using our contact form, or just call us on +31 303 690 215.


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