What is going on with KNO3.eu?

Why are you emptying stock, will you stop selling KNO3?

Dear costumers,

I haven’t brought out an update or blog post for a while and some people have been wondering if I will continue selling potassium nitrate. The answer to this question is yes, definitely. However, I have to make some mayor updates to the website and do some company renovations. That is why I am now emptying my stock and will lay down the sales until next year. I will start to create a main website for my company at www.dutchchems.com at which I will start selling more chemicals than just KNO3. Ofcourse, www.kno3.eu will stay avaiable but direct links to www.dutchchems.com will follow.

I am still open to suggestions as to which chemicals you would like to see at our website. Some chemicals will take a slow phase to get online since a lot of paperwork on safety instructions and product labeling has to be made. You can send an email with suggestions to contact@dutchchems.com or contact@kno3.eu. If you want to keep updated on the progress and the news, I suggest you to subscribe to our newsletter! The newsletter also contains premium discount codes that you might want to use and soon it will contain updates on www.dutchchems.com. You can subcribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the homepage of www.kno3.eu.

I hope to have informed you well on our current status and we will keep you updated! Thank you for taking the time to read this post! Have a great day and always feel free to contact us using our contact form, or just call us on +31 303 690 215.


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